Estate Planning Educators


Estate Planning Educators is a network of people who partner with the nation’s top financial experts to put on educational workshops on Estate Planning. Our team has a heart for ensuring families are protected from the unpredictable and are prepared for the future. The financial professionals we collaborate with are the nation’s top specialists in educating people on the process of setting up their estate plans. Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve the lives they have always imagined. Our seminars are always free events, and dedicated to coaching people to secure futures.

What is an Estate Plan ?


Estate plans include instruction for how to care for both you and the things that you value. Should you become disabled, instructions for your care will be found in your estate plan. It will also oftentimes include the name of a guardian and inheritance manager for those who have children under 18 years old. 


Estate plans can provide for family members with special needs (without disrupting government benefits), and offer assistance to loved ones in the future who might struggle with credit or debt. It will also often detail life insurance policies and disability income insurance. It has the ability to transfer businesses at the event of disability or death.


Estate planning is for everyone, not just the wealthy or retired. If you don’t have an estate plan, the state will decide what to do with your assets. With an estate plan, the future of your family and loved ones can be better protected from taxes, court costs, and legal fees. It will offer reassurance in the future that can at times be unpredictable.